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More Kate Moss on Record Covers.

I really felt as though I had exhausted the subject of record covers showing Kate Moss‘ portrait in my previous post. No sooner had the proverbial ink dried than two more covers appeared. The first is a 7-inch single-sided EP by American punk/hardcore/grunge band Vomit, entitled “Kate Moss” on the Give Praise record label.

Now, a search of Discogs will reveal more than ten bands that have used the name Vomit. The Vomit in question seem to only have released this one “Kate Moss” EP.

The gatefold cover of Vomit’s 7″ single-sided EP “Kate Moss” with at least thirteen portraits of Kate.

Then I was reading about the two CD and one DVD set of Bryan Ferry‘s 2010 “Olympia” album. I already have the limited edition Vinyl Factory LP version of this, that includes the cover portrait of Kate Moss but without the text–obviously intended to be framed and hung on a teenager’s wall. I hadn’t considered the box set as I felt it probably wouldn’t add anything to the LP version. Well, I was wrong. The 40-page book that houses the discs contains many more photos from Adam Whitehead‘s sessions for the album. The DVD has an interview with Bryan Ferry on the making of the “Olympia” album and the “You Can Dance” video as well as a video of behind the scenes activity in the making of the “You Can Dance” video.

Olympia box-fr complete
The box set of Bryan Ferry’s “Olympia” album contains a 40-page book and 2 CDs and a DVD.

The pictures are stunning. Here are a selection:

The CDs and the DVD included in set come in card covers, two of which have different cover photos from the LP and deluxe box.
Olympia Box CD1-frOlympia Box CD2-frOlympia Box CD3-fr

CD1 has the album cover photo, while CD2 and the DVD cover have different photos. You will have to examine the covers of the CDs to spot the very subtle difference (hint look at Kate’s right hand).

And just when the thrill of finding the box set sort of settled, I came across an Ebay ad by my least favourite seller Majestic Music & Art. I consider this seller to be quite ruthless in his (I presume it is a “he”) price-setting. Many years ago, I bought a couple of albums from Majestic Music & Art that were poorly packaged and arrived damaged. They would not discuss a return or a refund and I promised myself never to buy from them again. But in mid-March 2017 they posted this ad for a copy of the Luke Fair remix of Primal Scream‘s (and Kate Moss‘) “Some Velvet Morning” (the old Lee Hazlewood classic). This single normally comes in a plain black generic cover, but Majestic Music & Art advertised a copy with Kate Garner‘s famous 1992 portraits of an 18-year-old Kate Moss affixed to front and back covers.

Despite my promise to myself never to buy from Majestic Music & Art, I did buy the 12″ single to add to my collection. I knew of Kate Garner‘s Kate Moss portraits from an exhibition of Russell Young‘s recent screen prints at London’s Halcyon Gallery. Russell Young’s portraits are really wonderful–some are as big as 200 x 200 cm and covered in diamond dust, so they really sparkle!

Kate Moss‘ name crops up in music as a songwriter and artist–several tracks by other artists/bands are entitled “Kate Moss“. Examples include Arab Strap‘s 1996 album “The Week Never Starts Around Here” that contains a track entitled “Kate Moss“, but there is no picture of her on the record cover. German rocker Maximilian Hecker‘s 2003 CD “Rose” also has a song called “Kate Moss” as its first track. Again, there is no portrait of her on the cover. I don’t suppose these will be the only songs called with this iconic title.

Five more covers featuring Kate Moss and a current list.

Since my previous post collecting all the record covers I could find that featured Kate Moss on their covers, I have come across five more.
1. Primal Scream & Kate Moss – “Some Velvet Morning” – Columbia 12″ – 2003
2. Babyshambles – “Down in Albion” – Rough Trade 2LP – 2005
3. Babyshambles – “Shotter’s Nation” – Parlophone LP – 2007
4. The Unholy Two – “Kutter / Porkys” – Columbia Discount Records – 7″ – 2008
5. Various Artists Compilation – “Kate Moss for Longchamp” – Universal Music – 2010

Pete Doherty of Babyshambles had a much publicised relationship with Kate Moss and she wrote several songs for the group. Babyshambles‘ 2005 double album “Down in Albion” came in a plain beige cover but had colourful inner sleeves with a picture of Kate Moss on one of them.

Their next album “Shotter’s Nation“, released on 1st October 2007 had a possible picture of Kate Moss‘ back on the front cover.

Babyshambles' 2007 album "Shotter's Nation". Is that a scantily clad Kate Moss standing on rthe right?
Babyshambles’ 2007 album “Shotter’s Nation”. Is that a scantily clad Kate Moss standing on rthe right?

First there was Primal Scream‘s 12-inch cover of Lee Hazelwood‘s “Some Velvet Morning” which featured Kate Moss repeating the Roland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch version from 1982. Thanks to Carlos Soares for tipping me off about this cover.

Primal Scream's 2003 12-ich single
Primal Scream’s 2003 12-ich single “Some Velvet Morning” featuring Kate Moss. Front cover (left), record label (centre) and rear cover (right).

Then in 2008 a group called The Unholy Two released a 7-inch single entitled “Kutter” b/w “Porkys” that featured a fold out cover with photocopied pictures of a naked Kate Moss. The photographs are from a 2005 portfolio by painter and photographer Chuck Close.

Composite of the cover of The Unholy Two's
Composite of the cover of The Unholy Two’s “Kutter/Porkys” single.

A promotional CD from 2010 released by fashion house Longchamp featured a selection of tracks chosen by Kate Moss and featured cover photos from a Longchamp catalogue. The CD was simply titled “Kate Moss for Longchamps“.

Kate Moss 2010 CD for Longchamps.
Kate Moss 2010 CD for Longchamp.

So, assuming that the cover of Babyshambles‘ “Shotter’s Nation” does show Kate Moss there are at least sixteen record and CD covers that feature the iconic Kate Moss. So here is the complete list (in chronological order):
1. Primal Scream & Kate Moss – “Some Velvet Morning” – Columbia 12″ – 2003
2. Dirty Funker – Let’s Get Dirty” (1st pressing) – Spirit Music – DF 006 – 2006
3. Dirty Funker – Let’s Get Dirty” (2nd pressing) – Spirit Music – DF 006 – 2006
4. Babyshambles – “Down in Albion” – Rough Trade 2LP – 2005
5. Babyshambles – “Shotter’s Nation” – Parlophone LP – 2007
6. 6majik9 – “Kate Moss” – Music Your Mind Will Love You – mymwly0080 – 2007
7. The Unholy Two – “Kutter / Porkys” – Columbia Discount Records – 7″ – 2008
8. Damien Hirst & Kate Moss – Use Money, Cheat Death” – White Cube – DHKM 99 – 2008
9. Various Artists Compilation – “Kate Moss for Longchamp” – Universal Music – 2010
10. Bryan Ferry – “Olympia” – Vinyl Factory – Ltd edn 2 x LP – VF 021 – 2010
11. Bryan Ferry – “You Can Dance” – Vinyl Factory –  Ltd edn 12″ – VF 019 – 2010
12. Bryan Ferry – “Heartache by Numbers” – Vinyl Factory – Ltd edn 12″ – VF 020 – 2010
13. Bryan Ferry – “Alphaville Remixes” – Vinyl Factory –  Ltd edn 12″ – VF 022 – 2011
14. Bryan Ferry – “BF Base (Ode to Olympia)” – Vinyl Factory –  Ltd edn 12″ – VF 023 – 2011
15. Bryan Ferry – “Shameless” – Vinyl Factory –  Ltd edn 12″ – VF 024 – 2011
16. Bryan Ferry – “Alphaville” – Vinyl Factory –  Ltd edn 12″ – VF 030 – 2011