The Smithsonian Magazine has an article on Banksy

The February 2013 number of the Smithsonian Magazine has an in depth arrticle on Banksy and his art. by Will Elsworth-Jones: This revealing article tells the story of Banksy’s rise to fame (and fortune) without delving into the issue of identity, though it does reveal that Robin Banks initially signed his work “Robin Banx” before shortening his signature to plain Banksy, seemingly confirming the rumour that his full name is Robin Banks. apparently many of Banksy’s outdoor works have disappeared or been removed in recent years. We really need a detailed list of cities and street addresses where his work may be found.


Banksy turns up on a record cover!

That's Banksy at far right, busy spraying!
That’s Banksy at far right, busy spraying!

This is Wall of Sound’s jubilee compilation album, released to celebrate the record label’s tenth anniversary in 2003. As you probably know, Banksy has had a long association with the label with designs for several Blak Twang covers in 2002 and the famous Röyksopp “Melody A.M.” promo LP cover which he sprayed himself.

Now this cover, which I had missed and was therefore not included in the exhibition of Banksy’s record cover art at Stockholm’s Konserthus this past summer and which is not included in the touring Banksy exhibition currently doing the rounds in Sweden, is probably the most significant, as it shows the artist at work. The people portrayed on the cover are most (if not all) of the artists whose records were released by Wall of Sound between 1993 and 2003.

The cover of the promo CD, which I posted recently only shows the finished graffiti on the wall without any of the artists. I had only seen a thumbnail picture of the LP and was slightly dubious as to whether or not to try to get a copy as I had not seen it recorded as a possible Banksy cover. It turns out it was £12 (including shipping) well spent! I’ve added it to my List of Banksy’s record cover art at if you want to check it out.

The “Dragonfly” promo CD


This Paul Weller EP was released as a 3000 copy limited edition 12″ vinyl only available from Weller’s webb shop and sold out prior to its official release date. Copies appear on Ebay for 2 or 3 times the £14 original sale price. Recently copies of the promotional CD-r have also appeared on Ebay and there are currently more of these for sale than the vinyl release. The promo has the same (if slightly cropped) Peter Blake cover image. So now I have both versions.