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Liam Gallagher “As You Were”.

All collectors have a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or why would anyone want to collect 3,000 egg cups or 200 china elephants, stamps or, indeed, records? Well, I admit that I may have more than just a touch of OCD…

Last summer (2017) I heard that Liam Gallagher would be releasing his first solo album on 6th October 2017. I used to be an Oasis fan and had a really nice collection of Oasis stuff, including signed albums, rare promos and several other rarities. But they all went when I sold the bulk of my record & memorabilia collection. So–in theory–I wasn’t interested in a Liam Gallagher album. BUT. Unfortunately, I read the press release and saw that there would be a special limited edition, white vinyl LP that included a single-sided 7″ single and memorabilia, and–wait for it–an A5-sized Klaus Voormann portrait of Liam.

Now I was in torment. Did this qualify as a Klaus Voormann cover? Should it be included in my collection of Voormann covers and posters? After three months of agonising I decided I’d get the package and see.

So it arrived a couple of weeks ago.

As You Were-fr
The limited edition of “As You Were”.

Inside the front cover was the 7″ single in a non-removable pocket. and inside the back cover was the LP in a card cover equally stuck to the outer read cover. Opposite was a pocket containing the CD in a poster sleeve, some reproduction concert tickets, a page of Gallagher writings and the VOORMANN print.

As You Were-Voormann
Klaus Voormann’s portrait of Liam Gallagher.

The CD includes three bonus tracks not on the LP. The poster cover is nicely designed.

The inside of the CD cover shows 24 Polaroid photos that immediately reminded me of an Andy Warhol photo session.

The album hasn’t had particularly great reviews and I certainly hear shades of Oasis in the songs, but they don’t (yet) seem as memorable as Oasis’s early albums.

So I have added the portrait of Liam to my Klaus Voormann collection.