Important decision

It really is about time I decided what to do with my record collection. It’s just too big to move around and sometime in the future I’m going to have to move to somewhere smaller. So, I’ve decided to concentrate on a few designers and get rid of all the other stuff. Currently, I’m interested in Klaus Voormann’s and Banksy’s record cover art.
I will keep those and my Ron Jones, Neville Brody, Andy Warhol and Peter Blake covers. I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with all my 4AD stuff — records, books, magazines and posters, but I’m sort of moving towards getting rid of them. I don’t know, though, how collectible they are nowadays.

This week has seen the arrival of an new set of Banksy covers — Dirty Funker’s “Future” single. And I’ve added a few of Blur’s 2003 releases with Banksy covers; “Crazy Beat” in a variety of cover variants. I still lack “Think Tank” vinyl and the “Out of Time” single. I’ve learned a lot about Banksy’s cover art recently. There are many more covers that he has produced than I realised. There are two real rarities; The Capoeira Twins’ “Four (3×4)” promo single on the Blowpop label and Röyksopp’s “Melody A.M.” promo double LP, both with covers handstencilled by Banksy himself. One Röyksopp LP sold recently on Ebay for £2,500! Amazing!

I have also improved my collection of Klaus Voormann covers, too. I got the three Trio records that Klaus claims to have designed. Two are quite uncharacteristic and the “Bum, Bum” cover qualifies for inclusion in any list of the worst covers of all time! I struck lucky on a series of his early covers. In 1960, the young Voormann designed the covers for a series jazz EPs entitled “Pioneers of Jazz”. I picked up nine on Ebay for a pittance and found four more in Stocholm for little money, so I now have 13! I’m waiting for Jackie Lomax’s and Edwards Hand’s LPs.

I have sold a few records recently. I hope this continues.