Peter Blake – Two Limited Edition Singles Boxes.

As readers of this blog will have noticed, I have been spending an alarming amount of time adding to my collection of record covers with Peter Blake‘s art. I recently noticed that I had failed to describe two somewhat rare items–the boxed sets of seven inch singles of Eric Clapton‘s “24 Nights” album and a similar box of Paul Weller‘s “Stanley Road” album.

24 Nights” Promotional Box Set [Warner Brothers – EC3]
The “24 Nights” boxed set of seven singles, each in it’s own picture sleeve, was released as a promotional set by Warner Brothers, who also produced a limited edition lithograph with Peter Blake‘s drawing from the concert series.

24Nights-promo poster

I hadn’t realised until very recently that each single had its own specific cover all using Peter Blake‘s handwriting as the font for the track titles.

Here are the seven singles’ front designs:

And here are the reverse designs:

Stanley Road” Limited Edition Box Set [Go Discs! 850 070-7]
There were two limited editions of the “Stanley Road” album–this box set of six seven inch singles and a twelve inch box set containing a booklet, a 7-inch print and the CD. The Singles box also contained a 7-inch version of the booklet and a print. Once again Peter Blake had designed individual covers for each of the singles:
Stanley Road_box-fr

The front covers:
Stanley Road composite

Once again Peter Blake‘s characteristic handwriting was used for the titles. And the rear covers all had individual designs too:
Stanley Road-Singles-Back

These thirteen covers should thus be added to the list of Peter Blake‘s record cover art.

I shall be returning to  a deeper analysis of each of Peter Blake‘s individual record art in future posts.