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An ex vinyl collector with a particular interest in record cover art, I often used to buy records purely on the basis of the cover design. I found a lot of great music that way (and missed a whole lot because I didn’t buy a record with what I considered an ugly cover.) I got into cover design after buying a Cocteau Twins LP in the early eighties and started collecting everything with cover art by Vaughan Oliver in his various guises (23 Envelope with Nigel Grierson and v23 with Chris Bigg). At one time I had all the major 4AD rarities and books with the exception of a calender or two.

I admit to being an Andy Warhol fan and had bought The Velvet Underground & Nico album when it came out in 1967 and the Stones’ “Sticky Fingers” in 1971. One item is just an item, two items are a collection and so my collection of Andy Warhol covers began.

Naturally I also had a copy of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and a copy of The Pentangle’s ” Sweet Child” with cover art by Peter Blake. So there was another “collection”.

The third collection got started by accident. I read that Klaus Voormann was visiting a local record store and I rooted out four or five albums that he had designed. Yes, The Beatles”Revolver” and  “Anthology” albums and Manfred Mann’s “As Is” and he signed them all. So then I had to collect the rest of his cover designs, Well, I had to, hadn’t I?

All the while I had been listening to The White Stripes and liked their covers. I found out the Rob Jones was Jack White’s favoured designer and I had the basis of a Rob Jones collection. His posters are fantastic, too, so I accumulated quite a few of those.

Then I found Banksy. There aren’t many covers that he actually designed (Blur’s “Think Tank” is probably the best known) but there are many more where his images have been used – and one on which he is supposed to be seen at work – if indeed it is really him. So I started collecting covers with Banksy art. And now I think I have all that have thus far appeared. My collection of vinyl and CDs with Banksy cover art has been shown in several exhibitions.

I had managed to buy Damien Hirst’s “Use Money, Cheat Death” 12″ single, with the cover picture of Kate Moss with the right side of her face dissected away, when it first came out. I had some Dave Stewart records, too, with Damien Hirst cover art and The Hours’ vinyl singles and EPs as well as CDs found their way into my collection–and now I reckon I have a complete collection of Damien Hirst’s record covers.

Having the aforementioned “Use Money, Cheat Death” 12″ and Dirty Funker’s 12″- ers “Let’s Get Dirty” with Banksy’s portrait of Kate Moss, I started to collect covers with Kate’s portrait. There are quite a few!

And Recortart is what this blog is about. More specifically, the art by the artists I collect, though occasionally something else might crop up.

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  1. dear rockdoc

    a very interesting article about the exhibition in rome and your collection of banksy cover art.
    i really should go and see it (i am from switzerland, not so far away.)
    i was in istanbul to see the banksy show. and now there are some in bologna and amsterdam. they pop-up like mushrooms 🙂

    do you know, the rome show published a catalogue or so?
    i asked them tvice by email, unfortunately no answer.

    i have here also several of “banksy” covers. all of them are the later unauthorized “artworks”. such as djdm laugh now and dirty funker rat.
    all with record and some without but in more or less bad shape.
    you know, dumped edges and so.
    by accident i was able to get the test pressing white cover of djdm’s keep it real. i had no idea and googled all over and found at last your article. but my cover is in really bad shape. some spots all over (you cannot remove it because of the sensitive print (i tried it with cleaning fluid for films, maybe you know, it is very volatile). and a big tear along the upper edge. do you know somebody who is spezialised of restoration for vinyl covers?
    do you know there was a record in the white sleeve? same like the variations?

    i would be very happy if you can give me a feedback to my questions.
    in the meantime bes wishes from switzerland,

    1. Dear Can

      I’m glad you liked my post on the “War, Capitalism & Liberty” exhibition. I haven’t seen any of the other Banksy exhibitions– but the curators say the Rome exhibition is the largest yet. It certainly shows the breadth of Banksy’s art. I don’t know if any of the other exhibitions have included records. Did they?

      As the exhibition is not authorised by the artist known as Banksy or by Pest Control there will not be a catalogue.

      About the white cover version of the “Future” single with the “Keep It Real/Laugh Now” single– I guess it is a test pressing. I am glad to hear you have a cover even if is a bit worn! My copy includes a white label pressing of the single.

      You really should try to get to the Rome exhibition!

      Best regards
      Richard aka Rockdoc

  2. dear richard
    many thanky for your fast answer and feedback.
    i will try to get more ot the rare stuff (but this costs money :-/)
    sometimes it is really hard to get any necessary informations.
    for ex. i have here a fine dirty funker – lets get dirty – kate moss cover with the stripes. this is the 2nd ed. the first is very rare. do you know which editions both have? maybe the 2nd even is unlimited.

    and from the dity funker rats.
    difficult to see on your pic:
    there are (on white) yellow, red, magenta
    and red on brown and red on grey?

    thanks for your help (again)

    best regards,

    1. Dear Can
      I don’t know how many copies there were of the Dirty Funker “Let’s Get Dirty” 12-inch. I would guess 1000 copies of the second pressing (with the tape over Kate’s eyes on the front cover), but there cannot have been many of the first pressing–100?, 200?, probably not as many as 500 copies anyway. There is a first pressing for sale on Ebay just now for £900! You are right collecting the vinyl versions of records on the Hombré, Wall of Sound and Ultimate Dilemma labels will cost a lot, but CDs are available and reasonably cheap. There is a risk that showing all the records and CDs at the “War, Capitalism & Liberty” exhibition will only make Banksy covers a lot more expensive. I’m sorry if that is the result of my contribution to the exhibition.
      I have pictures of all five of the “Future” singles and the white label test pressing. If you like I could share them with you.
      Best regards,

      1. dear richard
        indeed, the prices for the covers have got some rocketboosters 😉
        if you don’t mind sending me your pics of the future covers. i just want to know the color sheme, your pic here in the blog is a little bit unidentifiable. to:
        thanks and good night,
        with best wishes from the very very rainy switzerland (since weeks and there is no end) :-/

    1. Thanks, Thorsten! I think the bass is a bit out of my range butvI have to get the Hogan’s Heroes CD. There’s also a new 7″ single of Klaus’ song Lu La Le Lu which I just bought. It seems he is still very active! I’m still looking for the radio programme jazz LP. Iasked Klaus about it, but he could only remember designing the cover, not the title or record label.
      Anyway I appreciate you keeping me posted on Klaus’ stuff! Cheers, Richard.

  3. Hello Rockdoc,
    Thank you for your fabulous website.
    So very nice insight about design and cover design.

    I’m collecting some of the Bryan Ferry’s records. I really love the remixes records, produced by The Vinyl Factory.
    So, you said there are 15 different covers with Kate Moss on cover.
    I have another thought about it – I believe the girl on the TVF Bryan Ferry’s ‘You Can Dance’ record is not Kate Moss. That was the first vinyl/single to be released from ‘Olympia’.
    But the ‘Olympia’ album has a slight variation wether the editions.
    Take a look:

    Let me know what you think about this! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words about my blog! Much appreciated.
      I too have wondered if the girl on the “You Can Dance” cover really is Kate Moss–I mean she is photographed in a completely different way from the other “Olympia” photos and there is no credit on the cover as to who took the photo. I have given her the benefit of the doubt, but would be happy to change my list if the right model could be named.
      And, by the way, I’ve just discovered two more Kate Moss covers: a 12″ remix EP of the Primal Scream/Kate Moss “Some Velvet Morning” EP and a 7″ by the Vomits called Kate Moss (no photo of her, though, just a drawing)! I’ll be describing these with pictures in the next couple of weeks.

    2. Antonio, I can now confirm that the girl on the cover of the “You Can Dance” 12″ and CD single indeed IS Kate Moss! Look at the cover of the 12″ and you will see three tiny beauty spots on Kate’s left arm, just below her shoulder. Then check the Alphaville cover and you will see the same three spots!
      I rest my case.

  4. Hello Rockdoc,
    Thank you for the reply! 🙂

    Do you consider two versions for the links I provided? The photos are pretty similar but they are different!

    Also, just a curiosity. Maximillian Hecker’s ‘Rose’ CD has a great track called, precisely, ‘Kate Moss’. 🙂

    1. Hi Antonio! I checked the links you gave utthey both lead to digferent versions of Bryan Ferry’s “Olympia”. I didn’t see any pictures or credits for the “You Can Dance” cover photo.
      As to Maximillian Hecker’s “Rose” album, I only include records/CDs weither that have a picture of Kate Moss or that are entitled “Kate Moss” . So I would not include an album with a single track called “Kate Moss” on my list.

  5. I came across three of your missing RCA-Camden 45’s – CAE #119, 303, and 330. If you are interested in those covers, send a reply and I will mail you copies. Take care.

    1. Hello Kevin
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I do not have pictures of any of the three covers you mention, though I now know that CAE330 is “The Honey Dreamers” by Earl Sheldon. I would be chuffed if you could help me with pics of these three covers.

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