Penguin books discovered Banksy long before I did

In 1998 Nick Cave’s book “And the Ass Saw the Angel” used a photograph of a Banksy image on the cover. This was the same year that the first record cover stencilled by Banksy appeared in Bristol. My question is: ” How did Penguin Books recognise Banksy’s art so early?” – or was it Nick Cave that had the idea?

As the image appears on a book by a music icon, I will include this book in my collection of Banksy covers.

Nic Cave's book cover from 1989
Nic Cave’s book cover from 1989

One thought on “Penguin books discovered Banksy long before I did”

  1. I think I know the answer to this (I was at glastonbury 1998) – In 1998, Blur were playing at Glastonbury, they saw banksy artwork there and commissioned him to do some album cover work. Nick Cave was also playing at Glastonbury the same year…. So i presume that this is the connection. Penguin books is probably the red herring.

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