Three new additions to my Warhol collection

The past few days have seen several additions to my collection of Warhol covers.

I have constructed a mock-up of the “Progressive Piano” cover – the Warhol illustration that was never released, as a single 7 inch EP. However, I suspect that it was probably intended to be a double, gatefold EP, much like the Artie Shaw “Both Feet in the Groove” EP set, as there are eight titles on the cover and 7 inch EPs usually only include four tracks. I have used the standard RCA back cover. Perhaps I may get round to making a gatefold double pack one day.

Thanks to Frank “warholcovers” Edwards who tipped me off to the fact that Swedish punk band Enola Gay’s 1981 single “Döda djur / Storstad” (tranlsates to Dead animals / Big city), which uses Andy Warhol’s Bela Lugosi print on the record label and on the rear cover. So, yesterday, I went to my local purveyor, who naturally, had a mint copy in stock. Tis now is included in my collection. I was a little worried that the print was a still from a Warhol film, rather than a print. I have hitherto restricted my collection of Warhol covers to only include those that use Warhol designs, illustrations or prints and not film stills (such as those on many of The Smiths’ covers.) So the use of the Bela Lugosi print means I can include this in my collection.

Here’s a little background information on the Band Enola Gay. This Swedish punk band formed in 1978 under the name Usch. The group was heavily influenced by The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Sweden’s Ebba Grön. The released a couple of singles of which “Döda djur / Storstad” (translation: Dead Animals / Big City) which was released in 1981, under the band name Enola Gay just prior to the group disbanding.

And, today, I received my long-awaited copy of “Latin Rhythms” By Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops. One of the three early Warhol covers lacking in my collection. A nice, near mint copy. Here are the photos of all three additions.

Enola Gay's singlr "Döda djur". Note the Andy Warhol credit at lower left.
Enola Gay’s singlr “Döda djur”. Note the Andy Warhol credit at lower left.
Rear cover of Enola Gay's single showing detail from Warhol's "Bela Lugosi" print.
Rear cover of Enola Gay’s single showing detail from Warhol’s “Bela Lugosi” print.
My mock-up of thr unreleased "Progressive Piano" EP.
My mock-up of thr unreleased “Progressive Piano” EP.
My copy of The Boston Pops' "Latin Rhythms" EP
My copy of The Boston Pops’ “Latin Rhythms” EP

2 thoughts on “Three new additions to my Warhol collection”

  1. Hello,
    I’m a classical record collector and I’ve come across a few covers that I think might be Warhol. Is there a way I could send you an image to see what you think?
    Thanks, Jeff

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