More Warhol covers discovered

It seems to be a never ending story: the saga of record and CD covers with Andy Warhol art. Chief detective Kevin Kinney, with an eye for the unexpected, has turned up several new covers with Warhol art.
First off is the rear cover of Keely Smith’s “I Wish You Love” LP and EP from 1957. The rear cover has a typical Andy Warhol drawing.


No sooner had he found this previously unrecognised Warhol drawing that Kevin turned up the CD from the talk given by David Cronenberg at The Art Gallery of Ontario in connection with the 2006 Warhol exhibition that he curated.

CronenbergWarhol_Blue2This cover image was santioned by The Warhol Foundation. But this is not the first time Warhol’s “Multiple Elvises” has appeared on a record cover. In 1985 Andi Sexgang released their first album entitled “Blind!” that used multiple Elvises on the cover. But the “Cronenberg on Warhol” CD seems to me to be more a true Warhol cover.

Thanks Kevin! Keep up the good work.

2 thoughts on “More Warhol covers discovered”

  1. I just found the Keely Smith album at the Goodwill this afternoon. $1.50 CDN. such a lovely drawing. KPB

    1. Kevin, nice find! However Warhol experts (such as members of the Warhol Cover Collectors club) are not one hundred percent sure that the drawing on the rear cover is by Warhol. First, the record is released on the Capitol label – one that we do not associate Warhol with, and second, the drawing is not signed like the drawing on the rear of Artie Shaw’s “Any Old Time” which was released ik 1958, a year after the Keely Smith album. But, anyway, it’s a fun album cover to own and you got yours at a bargain price!
      Regards, Richard.

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