Röyksopp’s “Melody A.M.” Promo Cover Art by Banksy.

Vinyl records with cover art by the artist known as Banksy were released in relatively limited quantities and have become very collectible. Two promotional records are particularly interesting for collectors as their covers are hand sprayed by Banksy. These are the Capoiera Twins4 x 3 / Truth Will Out 12″ single released in 1999, and Röyksopp‘s Melody A.M. album issued as a double LP in 2001. Both were editions of 100–the Capoiera Twins single unnumbered and Röyksopp‘s album hand numbered. I have previously written about the 4 x 3 / Truth Will Out cover and how I was swindled by what I now consider an unethical dealer here.

In this post I want to discuss the Melody A.M. cover.

I bought my copy of this album (No. 84/100) in 2011–before prices really started to skyrocket. It was sold to me by DJ who needed the money as he was getting married. All the copies I had seen up to that point had the cover art sprayed in dark green paint and I was initially disappointed in that my copy was sprayed in a much lighter green. I was suspicious that perhaps this was some sort of copy, but the records and press release were obviously genuine, so perhaps the colour had faded. Recently. however, I have seen several more covers with this light green printing.

Raimunds covers
Five copies of Röyksopp’s Melody A.M. promotional LP with Banksy artwork. Note three with dark green and two with pale green/olive green print. Photo: Raimund Floeck.

The covers pictured above have numbers 20, 34, 46, 56 and 68. Both the olive green versions have the highest numbers and my copy is number 84. So it seems that Banksy changed the colour of the paint at about number 50 (the exact number still has to be confirmed.) Perhaps he just ran out of the dark green spray and took the next best thing.

Thus there really are TWO versions of the promo cover for the Melody A.M. album — the dark green and the pale/olive green varieties. For completeness my collection should include both — that’s how I got to meet Ed Cartwright.

Ed had advertised a copy of the dark green version and we began an email correspondence, finally agreeing a price. Ed didn’t want to trust this rare album to the risks of sending by post or even by private carrier, so he suggested he would deliver it in person, if I agreed to contribute to his flight costs. What could be safer? Done deal. Ed is an interesting character. He is heavily involved in the music industry, managing bands and doing PR work and the occasional DJ gig. He has a huge vinyl collection. Most pertinent to the Röyksopp album, though, is the fact that he worked for Wall of Sound records (Röyksopp‘s label) around 2001-2 when their Melody A.M. album was released. In his office, he apparently was entrusted with a number of these promotional albums. He sold one in 2011 and now wants to rebuild his kitchen so wanted to sell another copy.

So on Friday, March 6th, 2020 Ed flew in to deliver the album. It is number 12/100. Ed could confirm that the initial fifty or so covers were sprayed with the darker green spray paint and suggests that the can ran out and the lighter, olive green spray paint was used for the remainder. Ed says that he knew the guy who sprayed the covers was named Robin. Wall of Sound records asked him to make the covers as a PR exercise, (there may even have been a film of the covers being sprayed), but as Banksy was almost unknown at that time, the information was never used.

Ed delivers 3
Ed Cartwright with the Röyksopp album.

This cover art may not be the greatest thing the artist known as Banksy has ever produced (actually, it’s pretty crappy) but it completes my collection of record and CD covers with his art. Okay, I hear you — I should NEVER say my collection is complete! But until I find something new I’m happy.

Here are my two covers (Nos 12 and 84):

8 thoughts on “Röyksopp’s “Melody A.M.” Promo Cover Art by Banksy.”

  1. What a fascinating story! I’m impressed by your dedicatation, but what’s one got to do when it comes to such a special record? 🙂

    As a Kent collector I can really relate to a collection that never will be ”complete”. When you think you have everything, there’s always a rare issue that shows up and you’re back on square one…
    But isn’t it the true meaning of collecting; the neverending struggle, the crate digging and the pure joy when you’re finally get the missing piece?

    1. Hi Jörgen! Great to hear from you again. Collecting is an obsession and I wonder what happens when a collection is complete? Life is more fun when there’s still that elusive last item to find…
      I really don’t want to start hunting new stuff. I don’t know where I would put it.
      How goes your kent collection? What are you searching for? I’m sorry Di haven’t any more kent stuff to unload apart from three uneorn t-shirts and a couple of hoodies.

      1. I totally agree that it can be an obsession, but a nice one. The day my collection is complete is the day I will quit, and start doing things that make sense. 🙂

        My collection is alive and well, with some nice additions recently. I’m a humble man, but I would say that my collection is one of the biggest in Sweden (maybe the world?).
        I’m still looking for some rare gems such as CD-R promos, vinyl test pressings and yes, even a cassette. That is a japanese promo cassette of Hagnesta Hill, as rare as hens teeth. But some day…

        It was very nice doing business with you, and you shouldn’t be sorry for not having any more Kent stuff. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get back to you later for those t-shirts/hoodies.

        PS. I used to have the Melody A.M vinyl on my wantlist on Discogs, but I realized it was out of my league… I would really like to have one, though. 🙂

    2. I have No 19/100 it’s darker green and near mint sleeve – mint vinyl – the 2 A4 provenance sheets.
      Yet the few times I’ve attempted to sell it I can’t ad I am told – how do you it’s genuine 🤷🏽‍♂️
      I bought mine in 2011 from a friend of Ed Cartwright’s
      Who had an office across the road from me
      I see that they have sold over the years and for quite a lot of money – I’d be interested to know how the buyers had the confidence to purchase
      As with me I am told it’s not something that can ever be proved 🤷🏽‍♂️

      Anyway just thought I’d share that –

      Warm regards

      1. Hi Laz!
        Thanks for reading my blog!
        Congratulations on having the Röyksopp Melody A.M. Promo. Of course your copy is genuine—after all, it’s impossible to fake the records.
        You’re welcome to contact me at
        sthlm.forrest@gmail.com if you want to discuss a sale.

  2. Hi Richard, and thanks for a nice post about the Röyksopp Melody A.M.

    I am lucky to have this album in my collection of art, and have it framed on my wall.

    Like you said in a comment above, the records are impossible to fake, so that is a good proof of authenticity.

    I also noticed that the tracklist is different from the old Melody A.M. LP and the new LP on the market.

    The old has the tracklist:

    So Easy
    Poor Leno
    In Space
    A Higher Place
    Röyksopp’s Night Out
    Remind Me
    She’s So

    And the new has:

    So Easy
    In Space
    Poor Leno
    Higher Place
    Röyksopp´s Night Out
    Remind Me
    She´s So

    Best regards

    1. Hi Tor!
      Congratulations on owning a copy of the Röyksopp promo? What number is your copy? Is is one with the dark green or the paler, olivy green print?

      Are the tracklistings you give for the commercial, standard copies of the Melody A.M. album? I presume you are referring to the vinyl issues.
      I once had a copy of the Melody A.M. vinyl, but no longer.

      1. It seems like I made a mistake and the reissue of the LP has the same tracklist as the original. But the CD has a different tracklist.
        Mine is numbered 28/100 and has the dark green spray.
        I will email you some photos.

        Have a great weekend!

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