Andy Warhol – Supernova: Stars, Deaths & Disasters 1962-1964. 2006 Exhibition at Art Gallery of Ontario.

In June 2013 I bought a press kit from the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Andy Warhol exhibition entitled “Supernova: Stars, Deaths & Disasters” which ran from July 8th to October 22nd, 2006. The exhibition was guest curated by film director David Cronenberg and the press pack contained two tickets for the exhibition, the hardcover catalogue and a CD entitled “Cronenberg on Warhol” housed in a gatefold sleeve with Warhol‘s “Elvis I” on the front and “Elvis II” on the rear. In addition to the press pack the Art Gallery of Ontario produced a limited edition poster of the “Elvis I and II” in an edition of (I think) 1000 and a set of four pins advertising the exhibition.


There are copies of the print on Ebay offered at over CAD 2000, which seems excessive for such a large run of prints. But, until recently, I had never heard of the four pin set.
Warhol buttons

I thought these were unusual and rather cool so I bought myself a set to add to the press pack. I have decided to pass on the Elvis I & II print as it is on the CD cover.

2 thoughts on “Andy Warhol – Supernova: Stars, Deaths & Disasters 1962-1964. 2006 Exhibition at Art Gallery of Ontario.”

  1. Was there ever any Warhol cover art on the Remington LP record label? I’ve seen a few covers that resemble Warhol style. Thanks, Giambattista Vico

    1. Remington Records had some great cover art as I found out when I was researching Alex Steinweiss’ covers (he doesn’t seem to have done any for Remington). I didn’t come across any covers that looked like theycould have been by Warhol but I’ll admit I haven’t seen all the Remington covers. So far, though, no other collector has suggested any Remington covers are by Warhol.

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