I keep finding Klaus Voormann covers

Last week, that is the week before Christmas, I came across a record by the Les Humphries Singers entitled “Seasons Greetings”, which, as the title suggests, is a record of Christmas songs and carols. It was released in 1972. Despite the English sounding name, the Les Humphries Singers was formed in Germany by Englishman Les Humphries, who had been a musician in the British Army in Germany. The singers were from many nationalities and had several hits in the early seventies. The “Seasons Greetings” album comes in a gatefold cover with artwork by Klaus Voormann.

A further search this weekend turned up a single by Stephan & Nina called “Fireworks”. Stephan Remmler, a member of the German group Trio, teamed up with actress Angela Smecca (under the alias Nina) in 1984 and recorded the single “Feuerwerk”, which was also released in English as “Firework”, produced by Klaus Voormann, who also did the comic book artwork for the cover.

Neither of these releases are listed in Klaus Voormann’s own discography at http://www.voormann.com.

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