New Banksy and Klaus Voormann record covers

During the past few days, I have scoured record sites and found two Banksy covers that I previously had missed; one by UK hip hop artist Blak Twang called “So Rotton” (yes, that is how ‘rotton’ is spelt) and a promo of Danger Mouse’s “Keep It Real/Laugh Now” 12″ single. Hopefully, they will soon be winging thier way to my collection. Then via a chance Ebay search, I came across an LP by the Les Humphries Singers from 1972 with cover art by Klaus Voormann and a CD by R.A.M. Pietsch of Beatles’ songs entitled “Norwegian Wood”, neither of which I knew about. Nor are either on Klaus Voormann’s own list of his record covers!

Jan W, my exhibition producer, organised a photo shoot last week to have my Banksy and Klaus Voormann cover professionally photographed. Jan also scanned a picture of the cover of The Capoeira Twins’ promo single “four (4×3). The exercise photographing the covers went welL, but when I got home I found I had forgotten at least one Voormann cover and now I have four more covers that will need to be photographed.

I will post pictures when the new covers arrive.

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