New acquisitions

I’ve been looking for more record covers designed by Banksy and via Ebay found a guy who has really collected a lot of Banksy related stuff. I succumbed (again) to temptation and bought both versions of Dirty Funker’s “Let’s Get Dirty” 12″ single – the one with the Kate Moss portrait cover. There are two versions: the first pressing just had Kate’s portrait on front and rear with no titles or tracklisting, while the second pressing had a title banner placed over Kate’s eyes on front and rear.

First pressing - no titles
Second pressing with title banner

Banksy has designed covers for other Dirty Funker records, including “Future” with five colour variations of Radar Rat on the covers.

I’m also interested in Klaus Voormann’s record cover art. His covers span over 50 years from his first cover for the German band The Typhons (or should it be Typhoons?) in 1960. Through his friendship with The Beatles he was introduced to the Liverpool music scene and in about 1965 joined the Liverpool band The Eyes and drew the cover to their single “She” b/w “Peanut Butter”, released in Germany in 1966. He was straight from art school in Hamburg when he made The Typhons‘ cover and was commissioned by Coral Records to design the covers for a series of twenty EPs of jazz pioneers. These covers show great sophistication and are reminiscent of some 50s record cover designers. Individual copies come up for sale on Ebay quite regularly, but finding all 20 will not be easy. But collecting Voormann’s cover art ought not to be expensive. Most records only cost about what an album costs today.

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