Okay! I Give In — There’s No Such Thing as a Complete collection!

Followers of this blog will remember how I have, on several occasions, noted (and not without a degree of smugness) that this or that collection now is complete, only to discover a short time later some new item I had missed. I’ve said it about my Warhol, Banksy, Kate Moss, Damien Hirst, Klaus Voormann and Peter Blake collections. The one I was most certain about was my collection of Peter Blake’s record covers. There just aren’t that many of them and so I thought I had it covered (pun intended).

Just imagine my chagrin earlier this week when I did a little search on Discogs that turned up not one, but FOUR covers that I had missed. Okay, so three of them were Paul Weller CD singles taken from his 1995 Stanley Road album that only incorporated small bits of Peter Blake art on their covers — I could sort of dismiss them as not really being Peter Blake covers. But there is one I can’t excuse: the cover to a 1990 U.S. 12″ promotional EP by The Fall called I’m Frank.

The Fall’s I’m Frank cover.

The track I’m Frank appeared on the Fall’s 1990 Extricate album and this 12″ includes two other tracks from the LP and a bonus track, Zandra. It was only released in the U.S. The EP isn’t included in The Fall’s discography on Rate Your Music.

The Paul Weller CD singles with Peter Blake art that I missed are:
You Do Something To Me – Digipak CD,
– A French promo 2-track CD entitled Stanley Road,
Broken Stones – Digipak CD

The 4 DVD set of the Live 8 Concert from July 2nd 2005 includes a picture of Peter Blake’s poster for the event.

Peter Blake’s poster for the Live8 Concert.

So now I have to add all these to my book manuscript on Peter Blake’s Record Cover Art. But, I really can’t be sure that I now have found all the covers with Peter Blake’s art. I expect more to turn up as soon as I close this post.

2 thoughts on “Okay! I Give In — There’s No Such Thing as a Complete collection!”

  1. Hi Richard. Congratulations on your recent finds – thanks for sharing. Collecting is never “over,” thankfully.

    Your message inspired me to sort through my collection to find Blake-related pieces. See the following list. Only “Face Dances” is on a music-related format but the others may be of interest as well. I’m happy to provide digital images of any that strike your fancy.

    Note that I collect artworks that look-like one of The Beatles album covers, regardless of the visual artist or the art’s format (LP cover, book cover, T-shirt, etc.). I started collecting only art on record covers, but eventually opened it up to any format except digital-only art. (Note: Some pieces, like the “Our Fans” mural below, are included in the collection only as a digital image because the original tangible art is a unique piece, a limited issue or way out of my price range, so I’ll settle for a photo.) Part of the fun has been finding look-alike art on unlikely formats: billboards, napkins, beer bottle labels, and more. Still, the majority of the collection’s art is carried on music-related formats – LPs, CDs, 45s, tapes.

    I have the “Live 8” image on a book cover. Nice to know it’s on a poster and DVD as well.

    Hope you’re doing well – our families are all OK, so far.


    *Sgt. Pepper parodies by Blake:*

    · “Beatles ’95.” 1995, *TV Guide* magazine cover.

    · “Liverpool 2008, European Capital of Culture Bid.” 2003, poster.

    · “Liverpool: Wonderous Place, Music from the Cavern to the Coral.” 2004, book cover, by Paul DuNoyer.

    · “Live 8, The Long Walk to Justice.” 2005, book cover, by Darren Richards and Dean Barnett.

    · “Sir Peter Blake ‘Pop’ Art, July 222nd – August 31st 2009, Pitea Museum.” 2009, catalogue cover, by Richard Forrest.

    · “The Holburne Museum Challenge.” 2010, installation.

    · “Vintage Blake, Peter Blake’s 80th Family, Friends and Icons.” 2012, silkscreen print.

    · “High Street Heroes.” 2014, poster.

    · “Appearing at the Royal Albert Hall.” 2014, mural.

    · “Cheswick Empire Theatre.” 2017, art print.

    · “Our Fans.” 2017, mural (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London)

    *Other Blake works related to The Beatles’ album covers*:

    · “The Beatles, 1962.” 1963-1968, painting. The painting by Blake uses the same four quadrant design that we would see on 1970’s *Let It Be* album cover.

    · *Beatles for Sale*. 1964, photo inside gatefold cover. An interior photo by Robert Freeman shows the group posed in front of a photo collage of largely mid-20th Century English film stars. Some critics observed that the photo foretells the *Sgt. Pepper* crowd design by Blake.

    · *Face Dances*. 1981, LP cover. Album by The Who. Cover art by Peter Blake uses the same grid design as The Beatles’ *A Hard Day’s Night* LP front cover.

    · “London – Abbey Road Parade.” 2012, art print. A parody of the *Abbey Road* LP cover by Blake.

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com

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