Ricotta Records–A New REcord shop in Lund, Sweden.

The Ricotta Records shopfront. Photo Anonymouse.

There’s a creative group in the town of Lund in Southern Sweden called Anonymous, that makes miniature shops that suddenly appear on the streets and attract the attention of passers-by. They seem to appear magically by night. There has been an Indian restaurant, a detective bureau, a pharmacy and a jazz club, a barbers shop, and, most recently, a record shop called Ricotta Records.

There are fourteen record covers in the shop window.

The shop is packed with record sleeves, and rock posters, all in miniature format. People have gone to amazing lengths to recreate actual record covers but given them a murine twist.

The Anonymouse Instagram post attracted followers to design their own mouse-associated covers.

I’d love to do some miniature covers of my own, but I seem to lack the inspiration to mousify any of my favourites. But all cred to Anonymous for making this great addition to the streets of Lund.

2 thoughts on “Ricotta Records–A New REcord shop in Lund, Sweden.”

    1. Yeah, really cool! Just think that these cover mockups can only be about 2 cms x 2 cms At most!
      The sleeves in the window are: Top row: Veronica Maggio, Public Enemy(?), Miss Li, Spice Girls, Abbey Road, Kiss, Rolling Stones.
      Bottom row: The Godfather, Aladin Sane, Destiny’s Child, unidentified, Dark Side of the Moon, Nirvana, Whitney Houston.
      On the shelves there’s Never Mind the Bollocks, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, Simon & Garfunkel, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley etc.

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