I’m Talking – “Lead the Way”, an Australian Single With a Warhol Cover.

Warhol cover collectors are constantly on the look out for previously unrecognised records with Andy Warhol’s  art on the cover. Warhol Cover Collector Club (WCCC) member Kevin Kinney seems to have an eye for them. He recently reported an 1985 Australian single by a band (improbably) called I’m Talking that reproduced Warhol’s print from around 1962 titled “Marilyn’s Lips”

Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn’s Lips” print.

I’m Talking was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1983 and had top ten hit singles in Australia with  “Trust Me”, “Do You Wanna Be?” and “Holy Word” Their 1986 album, “Bear Witness” made the top 15 in the Australian album charts. The band released ten singles between 1984 and 1986 and the “Bear Witness” LP in 1986 (there was also a compilation album “Dancing”, released in 1988). “Lead the Way”, the band’s third single was released in 1985 as a two-track seven inch and a limited edition three-track twelve inch maxi single, both with the same cover.

Lead the Way-7"
I’m Talking’s “Lead the Way” 7″ single cover.

While each panel of Warhol’s original has 84 (12 x 7) images, the I’m Talking cover only shows 77 (11 x 7) images, but the cover art is unmistakably based on the left-hand panel of Warhol’s original(note the two sets of lips at bottom right on the cover, that match the botton two lips on the left-hand panel of Warhol’s original.) There is, however, no credit anywhere on the cover or record. I suppose that as the record was only released in Australia and New Zealand, Andy Warhol would not have heard about the use of his image on the cover.

Thank you Kevin for tipping us off on this one.

5 thoughts on “I’m Talking – “Lead the Way”, an Australian Single With a Warhol Cover.”

  1. Hi, Thanks for your blog about warholian amateur. I recently received a different version of this item with GREEN LIPS on cover and the title LOVE DON?T LIVE HERE ANYMORE as title-cover. I have some photos if you want. Best regards. Davide

    1. Thanks for the info, Davide. Is this a 7”? I’ve only seen copies with a generic Regular Records sleeve. I’d love to see pics of your copy.

  2. No, I ignore that exist this 12″ version , identical to your item but with the colors reversed (green instead of red and viceversa) but with the other song title. So, I think that putting close the two singles in 12″ it forms a panel similar to the Warhol original opera. I am a warholcollector and this is really exciting!! My mail is dademanti@libero.it, mail me and I send you some pics. Enjoy! (Now I’m looking for the red album again)
    I have another variant of an album with photo of Makos, is the album MADE IN ITALY by LOREDANA BERTE by studio warhol. Are you interested to see pics? You can all publish, no problem.
    Sorry for my bad english

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