The Capoeira Twins “4 x 3 / Truth Will Out” promo 12″.

I have an almost complete collection of records and CDs with cover art by the enigmatic Banksy. I started collecting Banksy cover in 2008, when prices were usually very reasonable–with many records costing as little as £6.99. A few rarer items cost up to £100. The only exceptions were the two covers ostensibly sprayed by Banksy himself. These are the 1999 12″ promotional single “Four (4 x 3)” by the Capoiera Twins and the promotional double LP “Melody A.M.” by Röyksopp. In July 2010 I was contacted by a DJ who was getting married and offered me his copy of the Röyksopp album, which I, naturally, snapped up. By 2016 I had almost all the records and CDs with Banksy cover art with the exception of the original Paris Hilton CD (the one with the sticker on the outside of the front of the jewel case), and the Capoeira Twins 12″.

4 x 3-fr
“Four (4 x 3)” by the Capoiera Twins (BLOWP008).
Numbered promo for Röyksopp’s 2001 album “Melody A.M.” – handstencilled by Banksy.

When, in April 2016, I was invited to show my collection in the major Banksy retrospective “War, Capitalism & Liberty” at Rome’s Palazzo Cipolla, these missing covers irked me. I had made a limited edition copy of the Capoiera Twins cover–almost indistinguishable from the real thing–and that would fill one of the gaps. Suddenly two copies of the first pressing of the Paris Hilton CD appeared on Ebay and I was lucky enough to get one in time for it to travel to Rome with the rest of my collection.

I have been looking for a copy of the Capoiera Twins’ 12″ ever since I first heard about it in 2008 without success. I missed a couple of copies early on, but then no further copies seemed to turn up other than in art galleries at inflated prices, until August 2017.

The stencil used for the cover art was also used on a wall in Bristol–I presume after it had been used for the record covers–at Portland Square (post code BS2 8SA).

Portland Square-Banksy
Banksy’s Capoeira Twins stencil in Portland Square, Bristol.

According to a seller of a copy of the record, Banksy gave 25 copies of the white label promotional record to friends and supporters, while the remaining 75 copies were sent to DJs and reviewers with no indication of the band name or the record title on the cover or record but with an A4 letter that Blowpop asked to be returned a couple of weeks prior to the release date. The record was a trip hop single that failed to garner much attention when it came out. I suppose the DJs who received copies played them a couple of times and filed them away or–as was common in the nineties and early 00s–sold them to secondhand record shops (one owner owned up to selling his copy in the early 2000s £1,99), or simply chucked them away. And–had it not been for the Banksy cover–would probably never have been heard of again.

A couple came up for sale on Ebay in around 2008 and, if I remember correctly, sold for £400-600. In the last couple of years the prices of vinyl records with Banksy art covers has increased dramatically and suddenly four or five copies of the Capoeira Twins “4 x 3” have been auctioned off for amazing prices of £5000-6000! Another sold in October for a bargain £4223.23. A further two copies appeared in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, in November and I snatched one of them, the other selling for £6,500.

There is another hand sprayed Banksy cover that has also increased dramatically in price recently. I refer to Röyksopp’s “Melody A.M.” promotional double LP.

Just as I was about to buy my copy of the Capoiera Twins record, a new record with Bnaksy art appeared. This was another white label 12″ single “Funk tha Police” by a band called Boys in Blue that had Banksy’s “Rude Copper” as its cover art. This is said to be a limited edition of 100 copies, so I duly invested.

Funk Tha Police-fr
The cover of the Boys in Blue’s 12″ single “Funk tha Police”.

Thus, as of November 2017, my collection of records and CDs with Banksy art is complete. I’ll have to keep watch for newer covers, of course, but it feels like my job is done here.

Addendum 6th May 2022. As you can read in my later post on this rare promo, I discovered that I’d been sold a fake — and it wasn’t until I could compare with a genuine copy that I discovered this.

13 thoughts on “The Capoeira Twins “4 x 3 / Truth Will Out” promo 12″.”

  1. Have you any idea if the promo picture disc Capoeira Twins with reference RX7 is original and is something worth?

    1. Hi Dirk
      If you mean the picture disc that is advertised on Ebay from Israel, then Ithink it is a scam. It is not a real record at all but a plexiglass disc with a floppy disk stuck on. It isn’t really a promo but a fake.
      You can read about these Israeli picture discs with Bansky art in another post on my blog.

    2. Hi – I’ve got a copy of this Banksy “Four (4 x 3)” by the Capoiera Twins (BLOWP008). As I was a Bristol DJ who got sent a promo copy. Only years later did I realise it was Banksy creation. Very luckily it was in really good condition.

      I’m thinking of selling it to kickstart and fund my kindness charity. Any ideas on best way to go about it?

      1. Matt, you’re a lucky man! There were 100 copies of the Capoeira Twins’ promo single sprayed by Banksy and John Stapleton (of Blowpop Records). They were sent to radio stations and to DJs (like yourself) but the record wasn’t a hit and many copies just got put away of were sold to secondhand shops, so no one reallly knows how many have survived. Copies in good condition (the cover that is) have fetched between £3000-£6000 on Ebay! Art dealers want at least £6000, but they will only pay considerably less to buy a copy.
        Good luck with selling your copy. It’ll probably give you a real kick start!

      2. Think I may have a promo copy (BLOWP 001) inside the original case – unfortunately the art work is a little faded. Looks like the real deal though! Any tips on where to sell it?

  2. Great reading these comments over the years. I was given a copy by Capoeira Twins Dj, producer and stand up comic Tim Handcock. It has been on my wall for the past 10 years, but now the time is right for me to sell it. I’m trying to figure out how to do this without incurring hefty commissions. I’ve been watching a copy on eBay for the past year at £5999….it’s not shifted so maybe that’s a tad high.

    1. Well, congratulations on getting your copy! I think the 4 x 3 / Truth Will Out promo is more attractive than the Röyksopp Melody A.M. promo that sells for around £10,000, but it doesn’t seem to cost more than about £5,000 (depending on condition.) What condition is your copy?

  3. Thanks for getting back. The record is in good condition and the cover has minor ware on the corners, but the important bit the front is pretty good and free from damage. Like I say it’s been in a plastic cover and under glass not in direct sunlight for the past 10-years.

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