Two “New” Klaus Voormann covers

I thought I had already collected all the records and CDs with cover art by Klaus Voormann – but apparently not! Some time ago I saw an advert for a Harry Nilsson album called “Flash Harry” that I had not previously seen. The advert showed the rear cover and at the lower right was an approximately 5 cm square line drawing of Harry Nilsson signed Klaus Voormann. I finally got hold of a copy this week.


Klaus Voormann's portrait of Harry Nilsson.
Klaus Voormann’s portrait of Harry Nilsson.

Last month an Ebay seller advertised a CD by a Japanese band named GLAY. Voormann together with his son Max had designed the cover art at what I considered to be an exorbitant price. Luckily cheaper copies were available at Discogs.

GLAY’s “Music Life” CD cover.

A design that harks back to Voormann’s Revolver art.

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