The [Almost] Complete List of 45 RPM singles and EPs with Andy Warhol Cover Art

I started to compile a list of all vinyl singles (seven and twelve inch) and extended play (EP) 7-inch records early in 2013  (see Andy Warhol Art on 45s, Part 1) and published it on 26th June 2013 with the intention of completing the list within a couple of weeks. However, the challenge proved greater than I had anticipated and it has taken me just over two years to get anywhere near a reasonably complete list of all the 45 RPM records that have cover art by Andy Warhol. Experience has taught me never to claim that a list like this is complete but this is as near as I can get just now. I am sure that more records will turn up as soon as this list is published. So, if you can see that I have missed any, do not hesitate to contact me and I will add them to the list.

Just a note about the conditions for inclusion on my list.
1. I have omitted compact disc singles – obviously, they are not on vinyl.
2. I have also excluded singles whose covers simply have a picture of the parent album on the reverse.
3. I have omitted European pressings of RCA singles that simply repeat the American issues.

My apologies for including the records listed in Part 1 of this list. I felt it best to make a new chronological list.

Note: No. 13 on this list, “Progressive Piano” was scheduled for release by RCA as a 10-inch LP and a 2 x 7-inch EP set, but appears never to have been issued. Only lithographs of the cover design exist in The Warhol Museum.

While on the subject of RCA EPs released in the 1950s, I would point out that the company released Byron Janis‘ recording of “Rhapsody in Blue / Grand Canyon Suite” and Erica Morini‘s recording of Tchaikovsky‘s “Violin Concerto” on both on LP and as 3 x 7-inch EP sets. The third RCA Bluebird record with illustration attributed to Andy Warhol is the “Porgy & Bess / Symphonic Dances” album also released on LP and, I suspect, even as a 3 EP set. I have thus far never seen the EP set of this recording so I have not included it in my list.

On 10th June 2015 The Rolling Stones‘ Album “Sticky Fingers” was rereleased on both vinyl and CD with added tracks. A box set including a repressing of the “Brown Sugar / Bitch / Let It Rock” EP was included in the box set with the same cover as the 1971 and 2011 versions, using the rear cover photo from the “Sticky Fingers” album on the rear.

45-List-croppedSo, there is my latest attempt at a complete list. Suggestions for additions are very welcome.

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