A red-letter day!

After three years in storage, I have at last brought my collection of Andy Warhol’s record covers home and managed to go through the collection. I am happy to say that none of the records or sleeves seems to have suffered any damage. Now I know what covers I have managed to accumulate and which are missing. The next step will be to photograph all the covers that I have not previously photographed. Many covers need new plastic protective sleeves, so that will also have to be attended to.

The picture above only includes my long playing albums, twelve inch singles and EPs together with a few compact discs. I have saved the seven inch singles and EPs together with the majority of CDs in another cupboard.

Going through the collection has been a treat. I have some lovely covers in my collection and it is great now to be able to botanise among them. I find that I have some covers I thought I was missing, such as the first Kenny Burrell LP the original BLP 1543

Kenny Burrell BLP 1543.
Kenny Burrell BLP 1543.

Blue Note pressing as well as the Liberty Records re-issue in fake stereo that I knew I had.

I could photograph both volumes of Margarita Madrigal’ “Magic Key to Spanish” LPs together, too.

Margarita Madrigal Records 1 & 2.
Margarita Madrigal Records 1 & 2.

Just being able to check that every record was still in good condition was a relief. I could also sort them into some kind of order and replace worn or dirty plastic protective sleeves.

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