The Rockdoc production unit continues to produce goods

T-shirt with "Giant Size $1.57 Each" design
T-shirt with “Giant Size $1.57 Each” design

The Warhol Cover Collectors Club members are still waiting for their “Night Beat”, “Giant Size $1.57 Each” boxes and covers. Kevin has mailed that at least seven RCA 45 RPM EP boxes are on their way, but they have thus far not arrived.

I started my second silkscreen course last evening (5th November) by silkscreening T-shirts with the “Giant Size $1.57 Each” motif for all five members in sizes from S to XXL. I also plan to provide all with black T-shirts with the RATFAB cover image, but have run into difficulty in finding the right colours to use. As I will be screening on to black T-shirts I need inks with good covering ability. Most, however, are “transparent”, which means that the black of the t-shirt will show through the colour. There are, apparently, two ways to approach this problem. One is to pre-print the image in white and then print in transparent ink exactly over the previously screened white image. This is going to be almost impossible given the thin outlines of the design. The second way is to scour the market and try to find inks that are not transparent. And that is the solution I’m working on. Our next silkscreen meeting is on 12th November, so I have a week to find the new inks.

I hope the RCA boxes will have arrived by then, so that I will be able to dispatch all the packages in good time before the Christmas rush begins.

3 thoughts on “The Rockdoc production unit continues to produce goods”

  1. In the finest tradition of Steven Sprouse our dear friend has now taken the fashion world by storm. I suspect we will see these creations on the runway in Paris this spring.

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