Updating my list of Warhol covers

In 2008 I started to compile a list of  record and CD covers designed or illustrated by Andy Warhol on Rate Your Music’s site (www.rateyourmusic.com). I’ve been adding to this list continually as more and more covers with Warhol’s art have surfaced. My aim has been to produce a complete and accurate list.

In a recent post, I listed Warhol art on seven inch singles and EPs. I promised readers that I would continue with a list of singles and EPs from 1977 onwards. During my research for this new list, which is still in preparation, I noticed that I have failed to include several covers (including a couple of classic Warhol covers) on my master list on Rate Your Music. I must have had a serious blackout to miss including The Rolling Stones’ “Love You Live!” album or their promotional EP “The Rolling Stones” for that album! Further, there are a few other covers in my collection that I have failed to list. So I have had to photograph and list them. Among these are a couple of rare promotional CD singles taken from Paul Anka’s 1996 “Amigos” album. Anka reuses his Warhol portraits on all these releases. There is a duet with Anka singing his 1956 hit “Diana” together with Ricky Martin.



and his duet “Yo Te Amo” with Anthea Anka.


In addition, I’ve added a few new covers to my collection. I have added Walter Steding’s “Dancing in Heaven” LP and the “Secret Spy/My Room” single and Blondie’s bootleg picture disc “Picture This!” from 2002, that uses Warhol’s portrait of Debbie Harry on one side.

So now my list has grown to 102 covers. I’m still debating whether or not to include covers with images from films produced by Factory co-workers such as The Smiths’ covers for their first LP and the “Sheila Take a Bow” single or that use photographs of Superstars by Factory workers such as The Cult’s “Edie (Ciao Baby)” and various other covers with Edie Sedgwicks’s portrait. Observant readers will note that I have included Loredana Berté’s “Made in Italy” LP as well as the “Amica Notte / Movie” single.

I would appreciate comments on my Rate Your Music list with suggestions of covers that I may have missed and comments on whether or not to include covers by Warhol associates or stills from films.

On 12th September, 2013 Guy Minnebach pointed out a further four covers that I had not included on my list at Rate Your Music. These are: John Cale’s “Honi Soit”, John Lennon’s “Menlove Ave”, Liza Minnelli’s “Live at Carnegie Hall” and Billy Squier’s “Emotions in Motion”. Thanks, Guy! I’ve now added them making a total of 114 covers on the list.

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