Record cover art has become business

Record covers are art and several Ebay sellers specialise in selling records with cover art by famous artists. Thus one may find covers by such diverse artists as Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Raymond Pettibon, Salvador Dali and Keith Haring to name just a few for sale. What is irritating, however, is sellers who do not do their research. Just today, I saw a Rolling Stones picture disc LP advertised as with an Andy Warhol photograph. I recognised the photo as being by David Bailey and informed the seller, who – to his eternal credit – immediately changed his advert. Other, less scrupulous sellers do not pay any attention to comments correcting their adverts. One who I particularly dislike is Majestic Music and Art. This seller not only sells records that they purport to be with Andy Warhol covers that are not, but ignore corrections. Further, they have inflated prices; charging $99 for really quite common covers (at the time of writing they are offering The Dandy Warhols “Welcome to the Monkey House” LP for the exorbitant price of $150!) I feel sorry for those punters who fall for their adverts. I have been a victim of this particular seller. I bought a promo copy of The Rolling Stones “Love You Live” and the East Village Other LPs. These arrived poorly packed and quite badly damaged. Majestic Music and Art refused to discuss a return or compensation.

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