My posters – Introducing Rob Jones’s art



I have been collecting posters as well as records – running round London in the sixties ripping posters from walls. I managed to collect posters for a Tim Buckley concert at The Middle Earth, Ravi Shankar at Blaises Club, The Rolling Stones 1971 UK tour and a host of other goodies.

One of my more recent favourites is Rob Jones from Austin, Texas. Rob is a poster and record cover designer, who won a Grammy for his design of the box set of the White Stripes’ “Under Great White Northern Lights”.

I suppose I first found out about Rob’s work via his record covers. Rob has designed posters for Jack White’s various bands: The White Stripes, The Dead Weather anbd The Raconteurs and he continues to produce covers for Jack White’s record label Third Man Records.

In about 2005, he had an exhibition at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester, UK. For the exhibition, called “Aluminium”, Rob created a series of six fantastic silkscreened posters and in addition the exhibition poster and the cover design for the album “Aluminium”, which is an album of orchestral versions by Richard Russell and Joby Talbot of ten White Stripes songs. The LP was released in an edition of 999 copies and the CD in an edition of 3333 copies. The LPs contained a 10″ square part of one or other of these posters. Rob also designed the cover art for a promo CD and a 12″ single.

I bought the set of Aluminium posters. Three with diagrammes of the Aluminium atom and three without.


I started to collect Rob Jones’ recprd cover designs. There was a number of difficult ones to find. First Jack White decided to release a single of the live performance of “The Denial Twist” from each of the ten concerts on his 2005 tour of the UK. Each single from the respective concert was given to everyone who attended that concert. Each single has a different card cover designed by Rob. I managed to get hold of all ten. Then Jack White released a set of nine double Digipak CDs from a concert series with more Rob Jones artwork. Once again, people who attended tghe concerts could order the CDs at each respective venue. People who could not attend, like me, could subscribe to receive the CDs later. I later contacted Rob to try to get a list of all the covers he had designed and he was most helpful.There were only a couple of early CDs that I couldn’t get hold of, such as the Pink Swords’ demo CD.

Then I bought a Rob Jones’ homage to Ian Curtis in the form of a triptych of silkscreened prints (edition of 80) that used Kevin Cummins famous photo of Ian Curtis as its centrepiece:

Kevin Cummins photo of Ian Curtis.Kevin Cummins photo of Ian Curtis.
The Rob Jones triptych – Great posters with the right depressing feel that must have characterised Manchester in the late seventies.

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