Margarita Madrigal’s “Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish” & More Warhol covers


Here’s a photo of my copy of record 1 of this two record set. Record 2 is on its way, too. Considering the record sleeve is only relatively thin paper, the cover is in great shape. No tears or writing, although it is rather faded.I also have the original 1953 book “Magic Key to Spanish” which has many more Warhol drawings than are on the record sleeve.

The list of record covers bearing Warhol art is continually increasing thanks to two Warhol cover detectives Frank Edwards and Kevin Kinney. The latest addition which I feel has to be added to my Warhol cover art list is yet another Velvet Underground bootleg entitled “Orange Disaster”. The rear cover bears a photo of an upturned car used by Andy Warhol in his “Death and Disaster” series of screenprints.


So, there are probably many more covers that use press photos later used by Andy Warhol is his art; the photo Warhol used was a stock photo of the electric chair in New York State’s Sing Sing prison. I have thus far been unable to find details of who the photographer was.

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