More on Warhol covers

I’ve been updating my list of record covers illustrated or designed by Andy Warhol on There have been several additions to my list recently. I noted that I had completely forgotten to include the Mozart album ”4 Divertimenti” and Warhol’s last design, the ”MTV – High Priority” album. I have had to add some completely new covers, too. Two collectors, Frank Edwards and Kevin Kinney, have helped me by providing pictures of covers I had not previously known about, for which I am most grateful.



One completely new cover has turned up. Valdimir Horowitz’ ”Piano Music of Mendelssohn and Liszt”, released in 1952 on the RCA label. Three of these have come up for auction on Ebay over the past few weeks.


Then there are colour variations of previously known covers. The first of these to turn up was a reissue of a bootleg by The Velvet Underground entitled ”Screen Test: Falling in Love With the Falling Spikes”. The album was initially released in 1985 and this cover is a red variation released in 1987.


Kevin has collected multiple copies of many of Warhol’s covers and pointed out subtle colour variations of the cover to Tennessee Williams’ recital LP entitled, ”The Glass Menagerie”. The cover has bands of colour and the variations have either three of four colour bands that vary in position on the various versions. Kevin turned up a rare variation on the “MTV – High Priority” album cover. The usual cover has the MTV logo with red shading. The version he found has yellow shading and the titles at the top of the cover are all in black.


I hope to get good pictures of all these covers to post on the rateyourmusic list.

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