Collecting’s impossible ambition – getting a complete set of anything

No matter what one collects, there will almost always be one item missing from one’s collection. I’ve been lucky for the most part. I did collect complete sets of The Beatles’ picture disc singles and their limited edition CD boxes, although I almost didn’t manage the latter. I missed the first box of four CDs and the very limited “Yellow Submarine” box but managed to find the former unexpectedly in a Stockholm record shop and the latter at Vinyl Experience in Hanway Street in London.

It took me a while to collect all six cover variations to Led Zeppelin’s “In Through the Out Door” album, but eventually I managed it. My collection of Andy Warhol’s record covers will, I realise, never be complete. There are a couple of covers that are ridiculously rare and even one that only exists as a test lithograph (the record appears never to have been released.) I am happy to anyway have a couple of really rare covers.

My current interests are collecting record covers that use Banksy’s street art and covers with Klaus Voormann’s art. Finding Banksy’s covers has not been difficult. I have managed to obtain all but two – his first cover (which is ridiculously rare) – and a CD of poetry that was only released locally in Bristol.

Klaus Voormann’s covers have been relatively easy to find, too, despite his career spanning fifty years. So far I lack his very first cover for a German band called The Typhoons and his latest cover for a band called The Dogs of Bali, which thus far has only been released as a download. I was pipped at the post for a copy of the The Typhoon’s cover last night when one was sold in Ebay. Someone managed to top my bid!

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